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Study Participant Interview - Tatia Verdine
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                                                                   with Tatia Verdine,
                           a participant in a atopic dermatitis (eczema) clinical research study.
                                                                          By Bill Arnold

    BA: Tatia, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed about your participation in this study. I am sure there are many
    people who are unfamiliar with clinical research who would be interested in your experience.  

    BA: Were you already familiar with clinical research before coming to Horizons?

    TV: Actually, the first time I participated in a research study was nearly ten years ago at National Jewish. I first
    thought that I would be like a lab rat, but when I was actually in the study I realized that the reality was nothing like
    that. Furthermore, I learned how participating could not only help me, but everyone else who suffers from this

    BA: Why did you want to participate in this eczema study?

    TV: I know there is no cure yet for atopic dermatitis but if science can help at least keep it dormant for me that’s
    something. I’ve tried pretty much all the treatments and I’m always hoping that new medications will be developed,
    so I was happy when I discovered that Horizons was conducting research studies for eczema treatments.

    BA: Before you began participating in the study you were given an Informed Consent Form that explained about
    the study, the number of visits you would have, what would happen during those visits and many other details
    about the study. Now that you have been in the study for awhile would you say that you were well prepared for what
    has actually happened?

    TV: Yes, the informed consent was very clear and I understood everything. There have been no surprises.

    BA: What is your impression of the personnel who have worked with you during the study?

    TV: They are awesome! Great people! I like them a lot; Dr. Kerr, Isabel and Tracy.

    BA: As you know, there is a limited window of time during which you need to come in for study visits. Has your study
    coordinator tried to work within your schedule and make the visits as convenient for you as possible?

    TV: Yes, Isabel has been very good at arranging visits according to my schedule. She has even agreed to see me
    at 6:30 in the morning before I go to work!

    BA: How would you describe the quality of care you have received from your study coordinator and other staff

    TV: I have received very good care. Generally everyone has been very concerned about me.

    BA: Were you made to feel that you were important to the study and to the staff?

    TV: Very much so!

    BA: If given the opportunity would you participate in another study with Horizons?

    TV: This is the second study that I have participated in with Horizons and I would absolutely participate in another
    one. By all means!

    BA: Based on your experience in this research study would  you recommend participating in research at Horizons
    to your friends and family and if so what would you tell them?

    TV: I have already done that. My brother is participating in this study now.  I told him that he should participate
    because the treatment could help him and maybe everyone else who suffers from atopic dermatitis.

    BA: Thank you, Tatia! I appreciate you taking the time to speak with me and your willingness to share your
    thoughts about participating in a research study here at Horizons.
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